JavaScript Engineer

MongoDB, Express, React/Redux & Node.JS

About Me

After being in sales for 10 years, experiences and lessons have led me to this moment in my life. I recently graduated from Origin Code Academy and I’m currently pursuing my newly discovered passion for Software Engineering. Looking back at the years I’ve come to realize that coding was always meant to be the right path for me. It wasn’t till the near-death experience that pushed me to take control of my legacy and take a leap of faith. I dropped everything and became determined to find my purpose and my passion and I haven't looked back since. The satisfaction I get when I sit down to create, solve & build something that was a mere idea just moments ago, using a combination of my creative thinking and the knowledge of coding I've acquired is invigorating. Fulfillment is what I am seeking, and I can think of nothing more fulfilling than building for a better tomorrow.

If you're visiting my site and I've had the pleasure of meeting you, then you know that although very new to the development world, I am very passionate and determinded. If we haven't met yet, I look forward the moment that our paths cross and possibly be able to work together & collaborate.

Thanks for visiting, check out some of my projects down below.

Pitch Portal is a web application that allows compaines to submit MVP concepts for projects that freelancers, graduates, and enthusiasts can pick up and build. Utilizes a MERN stack with Redux, Loopback, AW, and Heroku.



For representives taking tickets, they no longer need to verify with iMatrix Tier 2 support whether we manage a domain. The original response time was 3-5 minutes with an average of 50 request per day, It will now give a response within 10 second of requesting the information.


PlayPGL is a competitive platform designed to offer players, teams, and viewer a hub for eSport competition and broadcasting. Viewers can find LIVE matches of their favorite teams/players. Building a fan base and increase opportunities for sponsorships is easier than ever.